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I'm Luca. 

When people first see my name in print, they think I am an Italian boy.

I am a girl.

Luca is not only an Italian boy's name, but also a Hungarian girl's name, pronounced "Lu-tsa," rhyming with "pizza," which is cool because pizza is the best. After cupcakes.

I grew up on a farm in a small town called Fairfield, Iowa. One afternoon, after a full day of milking cows, chasing chickens, and beating boys (actual boys) at rope climbing contests in the barn, I realized I wanted to be an actor. So I packed up and moved to NYC, graduated from the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory, and now here we are. 

I am currently working on short films, plays, improv at UCB, playing with my baby French Bulldog Bruce, and trying to find the best pizza in New York. (It's "Grandma's" in Bay Ridge by the way.)



Conservatory led me to my other passion, voiceover

I have voiced over a hundred commercials, and also do work in audiobooks, eLearning, instructional videos, animation, and video games.


My vocal style is warm and genuine, with a relaxed confidence - or high energy and fun, to match a wide range of projects! I can also do a caring mom, the sexy girl next door, the high-strung teen, an inspired scientist, and the fun big sister. That big sister can be Southern, British, Hungarian, or Russian.  

And I have a wicked laugh. Like I actually do. It scares some people.

I am equipped with a professional studio, and am willing to travel to any recording studio in NYC.


If you are looking for fast, professional, and reliable voiceover services, look no further. Actually look just a tiny bit further to my email address -