I'm Luca. 

When people first see my name in print, they think I am an Italian boy.

I am a girl.

Luca is not only an Italian boy's name, but also a Hungarian girl's name. And yes, I can speak Hungarian. (Thanks mom and dad)

I grew up on a farm in a small town called Fairfield, Iowa. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to move to NYC and become an actor. I was so determined that I studied extra hard, graduated a year early from high school, and made the move. I graduated the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in NYC, and now I am as happy as my frenchie Bruce when I take him for a walk. (In other words - ECSTATIC)


Some characters I have had the distinct joy of playing are:

- The seemingly innocent girlfriend who stalks you after you break up with her

- The stubborn journalist who won't quit till she puts all the pieces together

- The headstrong, Midwestern girl on campus who's trying to fit in at UCLA